May 2011

The Doors immortalized in Amsterdam coffeehouse


Jim Morrison and crew aren't here anymore, but a logo featuring their band's name and some psychedelic picnic tables are found in this Amsterdam coffeehouse.  Amsterdam's famous attraction makes sense for the kind of music The Doors produced, but is it really necessary to let us know that you don't sell pot over the Internet?

The Doors Commemorated in The Banger Sisters

Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon are two of my all-time favorite actresses. Throw in one of my favorite actors, Geoffrey Rush, and you’ve got The Banger Sisters, a movie about two ex-groupies who kept pictures of all the singers they’d slept with over the years. With that kind of cast, you might think it was a stellar film, but it really didn’t go over a C level cute movie.

Tell Me Why I should Respect The Doors

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Martyrdom

The Doors.  Some critics called them one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Other critics thought they were nothing more than a bloated blues band.  Hard to say which critics I agree with.  Never a fan, but mildly appreciative of their contribution, I remember feeling rather annoyed at all the fuss over Jim Morrison's death.