Unlikely Influence

Unlikely Influence


Just when I think I’ve heard every possible rendition of any Doors song, I stumbled on this. While at first I didn’t really care for it, the second and third time I listened to it I realized how amazing it really was.


The Doors were only together and performing for just under 5 years. They disbanded more than 35 years ago. And yet, here’s a tribute video that shows just how far-reaching their influence has been. I’m willing to bet that the group that created this isn’t even die-hard Doors fans. The influence that Morrison had on the world of music has reached out to tickle musicians from all walks of life. The impact can be heard in modern rock groups like Stone Temple Pilots to artists like Nick Cave and everything in between. I’ve heard the influences in modern country music, jazz and even hip-hop.

So exactly what was it about The Doors that created this global impact on music that has survived almost four decades? It’s hard to know for sure. Many people connect with the tenacious compositions of the songs that somehow managed to melt rock, blues and pop into a single song. For others the poetic lyricism that Morrison possessed is the real draw. And I’m sure for a lot of people the ‘anti-machine’ lifestyle and in your face antics that Morrison was famous for created a pull.

Whatever the reason, the music world has been forever changed. And even though The Doors were before my time, I can appreciate the contribution they made when I listen to them today. Especially when I hear fantastic, outside the box compositions like this one.