Jim Morrison: Pardonned for Indecent Exposure

Jim Morrison: Pardonned for Indecent Exposure

Decades after the incident took place, the Lizard King is finally getting pardoned for indecent exposure; the (alleged) crime was committed during a concert when lead singer of the Doors Jim Morrison exposed himself to the crowd during a concert in March of 1969.


Whether or not Jim Morrison actually exposed himself remains in dispute to this day as there are several reports from both band members and the audience that the singer only “teased” the crowd by slightly lowering his zipper to make it seem like he was going to expose himself.


The Doors’ keyboardist said that the entire indecent exposure did not take place and was instead “mass hysteria” as Jim Morrison never actually whipped anything out. He did, however, admit that the infamous singer was drunker than normal and that the concert almost didn’t take place because of his inebriation.


A fan differed with his point of view and claimed that when Jim Morrison unzipped his pants, you “could actually see everything.”


While it is still debatable whether or not Jim Morrison exposed himself, the concert sounds as if it was slightly out of the norm (at least in comparison to the concerts I’ve been to). During the concert,


“A live lamb was brought on stage at one point, and Morrison also grabbed a police officer's hat and threw it in the crowd. The singer took off his shirt and fiddled with his belt, and fans poured onto the stage.”


But in all of the photographs of the concert, there was no evidence given which showed anything indecently exposed from Jim Morrison’s body.


Jim Morrison’s pardon came via the governor of Florida with the assistance of Florida’s Clemency Board –in Florida, the governor can’t authorize a pardon without the help of the Clemency Board.  The pardon process was started in 2007 by the Florida governor and has now just been completed.


As the band members pointed out, it is doubtful whether or not the pardon for the indecent exposure charge will result in a big change in the reputation of Jim Morrison as the offense was viewed as fairly typical for the singer. At the time, Jim Morrison had to pay a $500 fine for the incident and later appealed it. Because he died during the appeal, nothing was ever resolved about the situation.


Regardless of what happened in 1969, it’s nice to see that Jim Morrison has been pardoned for his not-so-egregious offense as the pardon will likely put the spotlight back onto the Doors and the Doors’ music once again.